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Erella Atlan is a French and Israeli composer, orchestrator, pianist and singer-songwriter.


Born in Paris,  she was graduated with a Bachelor degree in composition from the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and a Master degree in “Scoring for Films, TV and Video Games” from the Berklee College of Music.


Her work has been regularly recorded in prestigious studios such as AIR studios in London or Magyar Studios in Budapest.


She received several merit-based scholarships (from Berklee among others) allowing her to pursue her studies. 


Her work has been then repetitively nominated and awarded by international competitions such as ‘The Jerry Goldsmith Award’ in Spain, ‘The European Talent Competition’ ( Soundtrack Cologne) in Germany and ‘Musiques en Courts’ in France.


Currently based in Paris, she has scored various international projects : movies (France, Nicaragua), documentaries (Israel), commercials (Raise Up production, Prodigious in France), independent video games (Spain and Peru), musical theatres (USA), demos for sample libraries (Orchestral Tools in Berlin). She has also composed and produced songs for several singers and rappers in Canada and France (Fatima Ben Omar, Seth Gueko), China (Akini Jing, Bird for Sony ATV) and Dubai and  music for dancers (France and Israel) . She is currently composing the music of an entire musical theatre, “Musical-Ception” which will be premiered in Orlando (USA) in March 2022.


Erella Atlan’s musical identity has been constantly built over the many travels and collaborations she made. Originally trained as a classical music composer, she has extended her interests to jazz, pop and traditional Eastern music, making her style very unique and full of colours, poetry and evocations. 


As an all-round artist, Erella is expressing herself as well as a singer-songwriter and regularly performs her own songs. Her first single “Ne me touche pas” has been released in 2020 by Sony ATV China.

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