Born in Paris, Erella Atlan started learning piano and dance at the age of 4 in a French conservatory. Very early, she is attracted by creation and she starts to improvise and compose during her childhood.


At the age of 17, Erella Atlan moves to Jerusalem to study classical piano and composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. There, between Orient and Occident, she meets new cultures and new influences mixing tradition and innovation. Through music, she participates and leads several cultural and social projects. 

After having spent 6 years in Israel and obtaining a Bachelor of Music in composition, she gets several merit-based scholarships allowing her to move to Valencia to pursue a master in composition for films and media at the Berklee College of Music


Erella Atlan 's music is full of colors and evocations, mixing minimalism, modalism and impressions. She writes pieces for concerts and also works as a composer for visual arts. 


In parallel, she works on her singer-songwriter project, "Erella", regularly performing. She is currently recording and working on her first album.